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The Journey to Organization. . the Road to a wannabe Cleanie

I *heart* my T1i July 7, 2010

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I was separated from my adored Canon T1i for a little over than a week. I didn’t think I would have some BAD withdrawals! I usually clip shots while I’m cleaning. . Taking before & after shots. It makes me happy =)

I wasn’t able to take shots of all my hard work prepping for the party. But it’s okay. . It was in good hands. Now that I have my baby back – I went coocoos!! I loaded all the pictures I had . . then I uploaded the BAR post below. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while.

A person who I look up to (photography) said, that you must @ least take a picture each day. I don’t have a website to load my beginner pictures, but I’d like to do that one day. . maybe when I’m 80% organized. When I have time to breathe and time to do things other than clean/file (not that I dont like doing that) I’m just saying… there’s so many possibilities for me.. and it sucks how I don’t feel organized. I loose time, loose things. I know this soon will come to an end and I would be able to spend some quality hands on time w/ my canon =)


Excuse me.. I’d like to take my weekend back January 31, 2010

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Excuse me.. I’d like to take my weekend back

Lookout weekend cause, here I come
Because weekends were, made for fun

Soooo not the case!!! It bites. Since moving out & buying a home, I feel that most weekends are wasted cleaning, catching up, running errands etc etc etc. I’m still playing the catch up game, but it would be really really nice to just relax on my days off. Spend quality time with the family. Go out. Have fun.

It’s much easier said than done, but I can’t wait till I get this whole cleaning schedule down to business. I’ve created a ‘daily chore plan’ that I’ve yet to post. But I haven’t followed it much. I’ve been tied up organizing the kitchen! I need to set priorities. Get the MUST done and outta the way, then work on LIKE to’s next. I’ll give it a go this week and try to re-claim my weekends!!!


finding balance December 2, 2009

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life is busiest than ever. how can i possibly divide my energy and attention between family life, cleaning, work, traffic, cooking and gym dates?

expert bloggers, life managers and organizers would probably suggest creating a schedule by mapping out my day and start from there. that’s probably what i should do. haha!

as soon as i get a chance in front of my mac, I’ll try to put something in 🙂

till then, i’ll be winging it.


mess mess everywhere November 14, 2009

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mess mess everywhere… but no mess to clean.

there is not one square foot in our home that’s imaculate and up to par. i hate it. i’m so overwhelmed. same reason for the same problem.. i’m just way too damn lazy and tired.

i really need to change. i can’t have my daughter get used to the clutter. . because that’s how i grew up. and i grew up thinking that messy is fine. i thought that as long as i can find things i need, i’m organized.

i know my husband hates mess. it irritates him. i can feel it everytime he looks at a room and takes a deep breath.

honestly, just a few weeks ago, i was pretty content with how my home looked & felt. i was comfortable to have last minute visitors and entertain for dinner. today’s another story. i’ll post about the tradegy later on.

i’m way too exhasuted now.. (had a long week @ work) i was able to cook Adobo for dinner, so i’m pretty happy about that =) i vow to start cleaning tomorrow. starting upstairs since it needs most of my attention.


tc, meeSha


Venting December 11, 2008

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It’s been so darn busy @ work – not to mention I was stuck in traffic for more than 2 hours. I’m drained, but I would like to do some cleaning so when I come home tomorrow, I can at least come to a clean house.

It’s almost 9pm, and I’d like be asleep by 11pm. So for the next two hours, I’d like to tackle the following:

* Clean Kitchen (30 mins) – includes washing and putting away dishes, put back everything to their designated spaces, pack lunch for df and plan for daughter’s lunch tomorrow. If time allows, I’d like to purge things from our fridge.

* Clean living room (30 mins) – put away everything back to their designated places

* Sort laundry and hopefully put a load in the washer (15 mins)

* Give daughter a bath – she sleeps late, she takes a nap during commute which compensates I guess. (15 mins)

* Get tomorrows clothes ready (15 mins)

* Make a list for grocery tomorrow.

Alright!! Time to clean!!!

I’ll be playing pandora during cleaning which always sets the mood. If I finish ahead of time, I’ll work on organizing finances.

Thanks for reading and happy hump day!