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Organizing our Entertainment Sytem January 11, 2009

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We have a pretty small living room with a HUGE TV – 73 inches to be exact. I don’t watch as much as I used to but it would bug me everytime I see our entertainment system all disorganized like this

So I’ll go ahead and tackle how I organize this mess.

We have separate baskets for BluRays, Games & Controllers. For some reason – the controllers always get out of place, so I made little homes for all of them and made little labeled ziplocks for the cables we use to charge controllers. Hopefully this makes them easier to find and even easier to put back.


all DONE!

This is how our games are organized: by game type (xbox 360, wii, then PS3). I set this basket next to our wii.

Here are our organized most viewed blu rays & HDdvd’s. I place these to the far right – It’s the only empty space I have after all

I purchased these baskets @ Daiso in Daly City, CA for about $3 each. I wish they made them again, but never did. You can find baskets similar to this at any Ichiban store or Dollar store in your local area.

It took me about 30 mintues to complete this project including dusting and clean up.

It looks soo much better now!