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The Journey to Organization. . the Road to a wannabe Cleanie

mess mess everywhere November 14, 2009

Filed under: rant — mikailani @ 6:58 am

mess mess everywhere… but no mess to clean.

there is not one square foot in our home that’s imaculate and up to par. i hate it. i’m so overwhelmed. same reason for the same problem.. i’m just way too damn lazy and tired.

i really need to change. i can’t have my daughter get used to the clutter. . because that’s how i grew up. and i grew up thinking that messy is fine. i thought that as long as i can find things i need, i’m organized.

i know my husband hates mess. it irritates him. i can feel it everytime he looks at a room and takes a deep breath.

honestly, just a few weeks ago, i was pretty content with how my home looked & felt. i was comfortable to have last minute visitors and entertain for dinner. today’s another story. i’ll post about the tradegy later on.

i’m way too exhasuted now.. (had a long week @ work) i was able to cook Adobo for dinner, so i’m pretty happy about that =) i vow to start cleaning tomorrow. starting upstairs since it needs most of my attention.


tc, meeSha


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