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UPDATE: Break the Habit : Throw it out! January 25, 2008

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Okay, so it’s been past 21 days. To be honest, I didn’t stick to the program, and did find myself slip here and there, but overall, I’ve been able to manage to keep my car clean. I’m going to bring this habit on for another 21 days.

Start: Jan 25 2008
End: Feb 15 2008


Break the Habit : Throw it out! January 2, 2008

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This Break the Habit will particularly be for my car.

Assesment: I always tend to leave garbage, coffee cups, soda cans, food wrappings etc in the car. YES. It’s NASTY. I hate it. I don’t know why that became a habit, but I think I got it from my parents. Their car is a MESS. I can’t afford to give up eating in the car because I use my commute time to catch quick bites (to keep energy & tummy consistent) I always told myself that I’m going to keep my car clean, but that never happens. I work way too much and most of the time I find myself running late I forget things in my car – most often my cellphone!

Plan: Take garbage with me (almost) everytime I leave the car. Everytime I gas up, empty the trash bag.

Start: January 02 2008
21 Day Breakoff: January 23 2008