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Project Bathroom July 4, 2009

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I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with life lately. Too much Death Drama and Action. I’ve also hit the highest peak weight-wise.

Moving on.. I present Project Bathroom. I got so caught up with the Bedroom.. I’m gonna have to re-“woosaa” before tackling that scary project. I’ve read it millions of times before… START SLOW and WALK AT A SLOW PACE. I agree. So today (tonight) It’s almost 12:30 and I can’t sleep, I’m gonna tackle the smallest room in this house. The Downstairs bathroom.

Supplies and Weapons needed:
*Bathroom caddy – Includes Toilet bowl cleaner (I use Scrubbing bubbles flushables – easy to use, and sanitary!) Paper Towels, Windex Lemon AntiBac All Purpose Spray, Clorox Wipes, sponges and scrubbers, toothbrushes
*Swiffer Wet
*Disinfectant Spray
*Granite Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and Stainless Steel Cleaner
*Pandora – TingTings Radio

Here’s my Zenbe list on myiphone. I’ll be syncing as I go thru. Enjoy and wish me LUCK!