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Gettin there! December 9, 2008

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Last Friday, I posted Workin Weekends. I did my best to finish what was on my list. I didn’t have the list with me, so I just went off memory.

I didn’t feel so good about the outcome – maybe because I didn’t check off what I did, but when I did go back, I did about 89% of what was on a list!

I didn’t touch the office project yet because I get too overwhelmed. I think I need to break it down into smaller projects!

I guess I’ll save that for my next post.


Workin Weekends December 5, 2008

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I love and hate Fridays. I know I’ll have at least 2 days off, but they’re most likely spent cleaning.

For a taste, here’s what’s on our agenda:

*drive back home. (argh – 2 hour traffic)
*eat dinner
*clean kitchen – create a home or ‘designated space’ for everything that always seems
*clean living room
*clean office – redecorate and make into our makeup room!

*finish what’s left off from Friday’s Project
*Finish the last of the laundry
*Company Christmas Party @ 6pm

*Craft time!
*Family trip to the city