i will BE organized

The Journey to Organization. . the Road to a wannabe Cleanie

FOOD August 24, 2010

Hi There!

Thanks for viewing =) This is where I’ll have receipes I’ve tried and are worth remaking.

When it comes to cooking I have a few rules.

  1. Must be kid-friendly
  2. It’s gotta be healthy – if it’s not – it has to be THAT.GOOD.
  3. Budget Friendly – I’m not a billionaire – yet.
  4. Please no more than 5 ingredients and 5 steps. I’d bore myself.
  5. Has to be Baon (tomorrow’s lunch in filipino) Friendly. OR I can incorporate it into a Bento Box lunch.

I try to hit 3/5 of those goals when I cook. Although my mom believes I’ve been cooking since I was a little girl. . I honestly think I’m new to cooking. There are so many possibilities! I’ve learned that if one thing didn’t turn out right, there’s a million more receipes out there to try.

Recipes are organized by TYPE / Main Ingredient – and are not alphabetized after that. That would be sooo hard!!

Enjoy Folks!


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