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I *heart* my T1i July 7, 2010

Filed under: rant — mikailani @ 4:43 am

I was separated from my adored Canon T1i for a little over than a week. I didn’t think I would have some BAD withdrawals! I usually clip shots while I’m cleaning. . Taking before & after shots. It makes me happy =)

I wasn’t able to take shots of all my hard work prepping for the party. But it’s okay. . It was in good hands. Now that I have my baby back – I went coocoos!! I loaded all the pictures I had . . then I uploaded the BAR post below. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while.

A person who I look up to (photography) said, that you must @ least take a picture each day. I don’t have a website to load my beginner pictures, but I’d like to do that one day. . maybe when I’m 80% organized. When I have time to breathe and time to do things other than clean/file (not that I dont like doing that) I’m just saying… there’s so many possibilities for me.. and it sucks how I don’t feel organized. I loose time, loose things. I know this soon will come to an end and I would be able to spend some quality hands on time w/ my canon =)


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