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Project Bedroom June 4, 2009

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After reading Organizing from the Inside Out I am now inspired to start organizing what means most to me and pledge to stop my YoYo Organizing Problems.

Here’s what I’ve come up with during my Planning Session:

What works?
I have a little corner of the room dedicated to charging all my ‘daily’ electronics. My IPhone Dock serves both as a charging station and music zone. It also amplifies my alarm clock 😉
Including a quick sweep thru of the bedroom during my morning routine helps out keeping clutter at base.
What’s not working?
Laundry seems to clutter everywhere. Our Laundry Hamper isn’t convenient. It’s not close to it’s natural habitat.
Clean clothes don’t get put away right away because of the lack of space.
I’m not happy with our bedsheets and often get lazy to fix it because of that.
Why do I want to get organized?
I want a our bedroom to be a functional sanctuary to wind down at night and awaken beautifully in the morning.

Here’s my plan of attack. Since I try not to burn out, I don’t plan on working on this project more than 3 hours at a time (at night)