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Organized Papers – My Brother’s stash January 17, 2012

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This past weekend, I offered to help out my brother sort thru all his papers dating back from 2004. He’s not married, and young – so he didn’t have as much paper as me and the Hubbs combined. He did have 3 big Sterilite totes of paper to go thru!! I used the same method I used when I sorted our paper system.[ I wish I had before pictures because the after is remarkable!] I didn’t blame my brother being so overwhelmed with the papers. All that was taking up valuable space in his room!

We speed eliminated – tossing things into the recycle or shred bin as we went, and stacked papers into their respective piles. Once everything had it’s category, we started to put everything away in binders. He doesn’t have space for a filing cabinet in his small room, so we tried to condense everything into 4 binders. We also signed him up to go ‘paperless’ and to have a mirror system in his computer to save any PDFs he prints out/saves.

We used binders he already had – and I just jazzed them up by adding a cool Pacman theme spine and white letters. Inside, there are binder pockets for categories that applies to him.

[excuse the picture – my iphone doesn’t take good pictures anymore 😦 ]


To prevent from the paper monster taking over again, I created a quick ‘cheatsheet’ of papers to keep and what to do with them after.




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