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An Organized Pregnancy Challenge – Week 8 January 3, 2012

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I’ve wrote about the book One Year to an Organized Life with Baby in my last post. It gave me great inspiration to start an Organized Pregnancy Challenge! I’m on my 17th week of pregnancy, so I have about 11 weeks to catch up. The program starts at week 8. I’ll be working on week 17 and week 8 simultaneously until I catch up – but will post them in Chronological Order. So far, I’m up to par on reading [I’ve read thru week 20] and am now re-reading the rest. It’s an easy book to refer back to in case you missed something.Along with it’s weekly challenges, there are also Monthly Challenges she encourages you to establish. This month – Drinking Water. [I’ll write more about this later]

On Week 8 – Leeds writes about your changing body & understanding what’s happening. This isn’t a week by week guide about what’s happening to Mommy & baby, but she does go into this in detail here. A Pretty easy weekly to-do.

Week 8 is the high of a pregnant mom’s First Trimester. Most have just found out they’re pregnant. Hello hormones!!! What she asks is to understand WHY you’re so tired. Let yourself rest a bit and understand that your body is in mega mode building up the placenta, doubling up bloodflow and all that other good stuff – that it’s natrual to be tired.

Kick up your feet a bit & let the pregnancy sink in. 😀


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