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Hello! [Again] :) December 30, 2011

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After a year and 3 months, I think I’m gonna bring this baby back to life!! It’s amazing how much I was organized and motivated in 2010.. I could have used the extra kick in 2011! I lost my way [sorta] and I feel like my home is in chaos again! I know by blogging, documenting and telling my stories, I can always look back at what I’ve learned along the way 🙂

2011 is coming to an end – and boy was this year a rollercoaster!

We started off this year with a huge mess.. Finance wise. [darn sneaky mortgage adjustable interest rate!] It took a lot of time away from my joy of blogging – dealing with mortgage companies is no joke! Now that everything’s settled & back on track, I can devote my time here again.
I’ve read and re-read Dave Ramsey’s books and I know things are gonna be on cruise control now I have a plan.

As far as everything else, we had plenty of family parties, a wedding, a tragic & sudden loss in our family, and were finally blessed with a baby!

With all these changes, I’m feeling the pinch of being a disorganized rut & need to get back in old habits. An organized me is what I need. So here’s to 2012!!!

I haven’t made a goal list yet, but here a few ideas floating in my mind.

:: share a great book about being organized during pregnancy.
:: find the almost perfect financial organizing system
:: continue with my goal of minimalism
:: create a weekly routine for home
:: reorganize our home & decorate!
:: stick to a calendar & ONE notebook!


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