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MPM [08.23.10] August 24, 2010

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Hello Lovelies!!

ITS HOT. I know that folks around the Country have been feeling the hot weather, but today’s unusually hot. 100degrees for the Bay Area?!? I miss the fog already!!!

While I wait for our AC to kick up to speed – I’m gonna write a quick Menu Plan for the week. Last week’s menu plan didn’t come out as expected. We had a few last minute friend-catered parties (don’t you love them?) My friends have come to accept that our house will not always be clean. Sad, but they know what my schedule looks like – and they’ve accepted that my house is messy. As MUCH as I heart them – I feel embarrassed. I know I could be so much better. At least clean the sink the night of so when they come again 2 days later, the pots and pans they used are ready for another showdown. Anywhooz >>> here’s what I got planned for the week.

Monday – LeftOvers. We still got Rice Sheets I can wrap into yummy Asian Wraps  – Kinda like tortilla wraps, except we use rice paper. Since the little one’s not too fond of our new creation – she’s got raviollis I can whip up in a minute (more like 10)

Tuesday – Shimp & Grits compliments of “Cook yourself Thin” Cookbook. I’ve been meaning to make this recipe for a while now, but everytime I get to it – We’ve run out of milk! We’ve got a gallon last night, so I’m ready to make this tomorrow. Since Shrimp thaws out pretty easy, No need for think ahead planning.

(to/do Tuesday Night) Defrost Pork

Wednesday – Simple Baked Lean Pork Chops (a deal from Winco) with Polenta from Costco. I tried a sample of this and I was in love. It’s like mashed potato and corn combined! I’m asian – so mashed potato and corn aren’t staples in my pantry. If Polenta becomes a hit in the family, I’d try to make it again.

Thursday – More left overs. One thing I can’t shake : Cooking for 2.5. I grew up in a family that cooks for 12 at a time (plus leftovers to BAON -bring to work – the next day) No big pots in my home. . but I still make wayyy to much food that gets wasted. Thursday is the night to eat everything up. If it doesn’t get finished – then It’s going to the trash. It’s garbage night, so anything that can possibly STINK will be gone.

Friday – Night out. If I feel too lazy to get glammed up, then I have lean cuisines to fall back on. Lean Cuisines and some Quality Time with True Blood. Oi. . I’m getting old.

Saturday – We’ll be at the EAT REAL FESTIVAL in Oakland all day supporting our friends Phat Matt’s BBQ. We’ll be there ALL DAY and I doubt cooking would be the last thing I’d like to do.

Sunday – Dinner with the inlaws. It’s been a while.

That’s all! I’m gonna post some recipes up this week that I tried in the past & are worth re-making. I’ll try to take pictures of this week’s menu and post again.


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