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Simple Recipe : Teriyaki Chicken July 7, 2010

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I love chicken. So simple to prepare & usually forgiving.

I haven’t planned a menu plan for the week in a while… so I just go by what I have in the refrigerator. Not usually the best route. . but it works. It’s what we had for dinner.

Today, I’d like to share my fall back recipe. Teriyaki Chicken.


Chicken – any kind. I usually make it with chicken thighs (bought in bulk @ costco then debonned by my brother)

Teriyaki Sauce – a must have in my pantry. I get mine from the Korean Store near my work (Kukje) I usually look for bottles that are either on sale or they only have a few left on the shelf ( a tip that it’s better than the rest) Use the teriyaki sauce that YOU trust. Buy the kinds that’s a little thicker – not the liquidy kind you find @ smart and final.

Diced Onions – I’m so bad @ chopping onions, so I buy bagged frozen onions from safeway (I Cheat) Or I have my brother do a big batch of onions then put them in ziplocks)

Directions :

Drench your chicken in teriyaki sauce and add about a cup of chopped onion. Let this sit in the refrigerator to marinade (no more than 2 days) Place on a baking dish, or baking rack & cook @ 350-375 for about 30 minutes, until the juices run clear and it looks done.  Serve with rice or hawaiian bread.

That’s all! Fast, simple & no more than 3 ingredients!


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