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Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah.. What?!? You cleaned up the Bar?? July 7, 2010

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I’m glad that this past weekend’s festivities have come to a pretty sucessful end. By end – that means – cleaning up for the party – party-ing and cleaning up again! Gotta love entertaining.

The Hubbs & I completed most of what’s on our checklist. . except for the little one’s room. We absolutely ran outta time, so we deemed that the room that will be locked & untouched by anyone @ the party. Lucky for us, we didn’t need to open it . . since there were no kiddo’s at the party. Lani was enjoying weekend w/ Grandma. Plus. . I wouldn’t want her around alcohol.

This week is catch up week. I’m trying to not accumulate any more garbage – the party filled up our garbage bin with no more room for the rest of the week! Garbage pick up day isn’t till Thursday Night/Friday am, so I’m gonna go a little crazy till then. I hate garbage in the house. Anywhoo, I’d like to share some one of my pretty accomplishments.

Our Dry Bar. When we were buying our home, having a bar was a MUST. That’s when folks know it’s a Baldo home. It has a BAR. So we have to have a BAR. And we did! It’s tiny – but still. It’s a bar. Thruought the years, the dreamed of alcoholic heaven turned into the dumping grounds of all thing unfamiliar – things that didn’t have a home & we were wayyy too lazy to either bring upstairs or put away.

It looked like this.

Yes folks . . everything. Dog Leash, Brita filter ( we don’t even own a Brita) Unopened amazon packages, snacks, belts. Oi.

I cleared everything out and started to clean up.

Then I wiped it down. So Nice & Shiny!!! That’s me =)

Then I started to assemble the $10 walmart cubbie thingy. (Best Investment EVA!)

First, I had the back to it, but the space made it look really cramped. It also defeats the point of having mirrored walls… see!!

After deciding not to put the backing, I finished it up and started re-placing only the things that belong @ the bar.

YAY! You can see the Filipino Barrel Man now!!! It’s inviting – clear & clutter free. Happy me!! This bar is ready to party!


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