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Catch up June 29, 2010

Filed under: Cleaning — mikailani @ 6:13 am

Looks like I really need to schedule time to blog nowadays… If I don’t put it in my agenda… It will never get done.

So now, let’s play catch up.

The past few weeks have been about regaining wasted space. I didn’t take much before and after pictures because my beloved t1i has been with my brother in law the past few weeks. I’ll do separate posts for the completed projects.

:: Our dry bar is now a true dry bar! What once a home for all scattered items is now a beautiful party drink spot.

:: Our backyard shack. It was full of junk. Now completely accessible organized and categorized!! I didn’t have my camera, so I’ll shoot some after shots soon.

:: Our new laundry area. Again, no before pictures but it just went thru a major updo! I’m excited to post this one.

:: Our kitchen. Although it’s been pretty organized, it’s been neglected. After a few days, I get sick of the natural disorganization. I need to make this a habit!

We have a party coming up for the 3rd of July. A pool party… So everything needs to get cleaned ASAP. I can’t just clean downstairs since guests will be coming upstairs to shower and dress. On my agenda this week:

:: finish laundry. Our laundry area is in our only bathroom – can have guests rummaging thru dirty socks!

:: office/vanity area. This is where I can have guests change and freshen up. There’s a huge mirror for them to use- so they don’t need to occupy bathroom more than they need to.

:: kailanis bedroom. In case any kids come over, they can play there. Or kids can take a nap.

:: master bedroom. I plan on shutting this area out, but you never know if hubbs leaves it wide open for people to see. Our ijoy is there too… So if someone just needs a break, they can chill there.

:: bathroom. I need to clean the tub bad. Very bad. It’s clean enough for daily use.. But I don’t want them seeing the nastiness!

:: living room. It’s cluttered. The floors are sticky. Need to fix that.

Looks like I got one hellofa week ahead of me. It sucks… I had to go home early today… Wasn’t feeling well and ended up sleeping the whole afternoon.

Read me later!
❤ MeeSha


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