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Envisioning June 16, 2010

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I’m currently reading a few organizing books again. I need refreshers & new inspiration.

One book really hit home when it asked me to complete a few q&a’s. I rarely ever take time to take out one of my millions of notebooks, but I had to do it for

It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys: The Seven-Step Path to Becoming Truly Organized


Marilyn Paul

I have to back a few pages to complete the ‘join me’ sections, but I can really see where the power of envisioning comes into play.

This is how I envision when I will BE organized.

Mornings are stress free. I wake up automatically without having to hit the damn snooze button umteen times. I get ready, my clothes are picked out – my makeup planned out. I have nicely styled hair. I can sit at my vanity and get ready for the day without stressing how little time I have left. My daughter is getting herself ready & breakfast will be set at the table ready for us to sit down and talk about what we plan for the day. Lunch for me & my daughter is already packed up and ready to go. Backpacks & purses are all lined up waiting to be brought with us out. I then walk out to the car, not having to go back so many times because we forgot things.

I come to work gracefully – 15 minutes early to prep my day and to look at my calendar ahead. I walk into my workspace and I’m someone presentable. I look beautiful and am ready to take anything on. . but before that, I relax – I have 15 minutes to enjoy my clear workspace and water my little plant. Everything has a home at my desk. I open up my lotus notes email and note emails that I’ll need to respond to and jot them down on my things to do. My project list is not overwhelming and all deadlines are planned out. Projects are turned in way earlier than expected – all proofread and perfectly presented. Last minute urgent projects have space if need be. Before the work day is over, I regroup myself and clear out everything. Any outstanding projects are neatly put away in their ‘stages’ and are noted in my calendar. I respect time & my projects. I clock out at 5pm, everything I have is with me and I can leave as graceful as I walked in.

At 530, I pick up my daughter from school. She has such a joyful and accomplished face. Her backpack is right at her cubby and everything is also good to go. I can’t avoid the 2 hour commute back home, but we make use of it talking to each other & catchin g up on how our days have been.

We come home, and our home is a sanctuary. I can take a deep breath and smell a good smelling home. We change into our home clothes and prepare dinner that has already been planned out. I work with my daughter – we’ll do homework together. We then eat dinner at the table as a family. We do what little needs to get done for the night & prepare for tomorrow morning. My daughter then goes to sleep @ 930, so I can have an hour of ‘me’ time. Time that’s made for paying the bills, catching up on my favorite blogs, web window shopping, dreaming. . envisioning & thanking the Lord that this day has been perfect. At 1030, hubbs wakes up fully energized. Scrubs laid out for him to wear, lunch ready to go & I can take time to walk him out the door. At 1045. . I wait for his text to let me know he’s at the slaveyard goldmine and I can peacefully sleep.

Ahhh. . . that felt so damn nice. That would be the perfect day for me. What would yours be? I wish I didn’t have to spend so much time commuting to/from work. . but I’m thankful that I have a JOB. I can pay my bills. We have a home. If I had the option of working closer to home, I would, but I cherish my job too much & can’t leave. I’m sure they would be heartbroken if I were to do so too.

Thats my vision. I think I’m gonna print this out and look at it everynight =)


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