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Honey, where is . . . ???? May 4, 2010

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Ever hate it when the hubbs yells and asks for something you could have sworn you told him? I sure do.

Most inquired items:

  • The Cot
  • The Extra cover of our LoveSac
  • The Extra Cables to whatever electronic thingamajig
  • 20 Extra lightbulbs we purchased when IKEA had a really good sale
  • His Liter Size Flask

The last time I organized I went thru a walkthru w/ the hubbs . . and I just knew deep down inside it wouldn’t really register. Since I try to organize alot, he’s usually pretty confident I know where everything is. Of course I know where everything is. . . just not when I’m in the shower – or concenrating on sticking my fake eyelashes to look all purrty for a party or when I’m asleep!!

The solution : GOOGLE DOCS.

Such a life saver! GoogleDocs is almost always up on our laptops which are on almost 24-7 (bad, I know) What I did was create a HOME SPREADSHEET. It has alot of misc sheets – Home Item Locator.

Column A : Item

Column B : Keywords – I call this this our generic name of the item. Anything we can possibly call the item, I put it in this cell

Column C : Location – Be very specific! If it’s in a large unclear plastic tote, make sure you describe it.

Column D : Expiration Date (If Applicable)

Column E : Notes. (Make sure you be careful when you take this out of the storage!! VERY FRAGILE.

This system has worked wonders. From finding the item to putting it back. It creates a home for all those misc things & less bugging from the hubbs! Technology is such a wonder =)


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