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WFMW : 1st post April 8, 2010

Filed under: tips — mikailani @ 4:46 am

Just posting a quick life saver. 🙂

Hubbs works starts his work day with a graveyard shift, followed by another 8 hours of slave work. There are times (like tonight) when I come home from work hella tired and can’t stay up to help him out the door.

You know how organizing gurus talk about keeping things by the door so you won’t forget them? Well I take it literally. I hang his ‘work’ bag packed with lunch, drink, 5hr energy shots, vitamins, reading material (to keep him up if his iPhone cant do the job) his work keys, wallet, everything! I hang the keys on the bag too… Since he rarely rememers where he last put them. I hang the whole shindig on the door. He won’t be able to get out without touching it! I trained him too.. So he’s not clueless.

His scrubs are neatly (maybe) laid in the bathroom ready for him after his quick shower before work. A clean towel is hanging on the shower door. Talk about being pampered!!!

This little tip saves me worries when I can be there for the Hubbs. I can rest assured he won’t forget anything & saves $ coz he tends to go to 7-11 in the middle of the night during his lunch break.

Postin for works for me Wednesdays ::WFMW:: (my 1st post) coz this sure does work!!!!


One Response to “WFMW : 1st post”

  1. Christy Says:

    Pampering our husbands can be a blessing to both them and us. I like how you have him “trained” to look for his stuff.

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