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Hybernate. Hello MPM March 16, 2010

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My apologies for not posting. February was such a crazy month. I had to take time off blogging & organizing. Some serious financial issues came up and I had to put 100% focus on that project before tending to anything else. I’m sure fellow organizers can relate. I totally failed the 28 day organizing challenge @ orgjunkie.com, but I’m still working on it. Pictures to post soon.

I even got outta the jig of Menu Planning Monday, and I really felt the pinch. I had no idea what to cook for dinner, no defrosted meat available & plenty of unneeded trips to the grocery store was really really bad. I was sooo overwhelmed!!

I’m back in action now. I was unblessed with a day off work on a Monday. Teeth problem is really no bueno. After getting things done with the dentist, I went full steam ahead and started tackling 14 loads of laundry. YIKES!!!! While each load washed & dried, I cleaned up our embarrassing & so not relaxing bedroom and then continued to help my daughter clean & organize her room. Since I didn’t have a menu planned this week either, I had to run to the grocery & buy meat & veggies for Some Beef Sinigang (Filipino Sour Soup). The limited selection of beef @ safeway was really disappointing and had to settle with the expensive cuts they have. I did score on the bagged spinach for $1 each and grabbed a few things my daughter can snack on. I’m late for menu planning monday, but better late than never.

Here’s my Planned Dinners for the week.

Lunches are usually left over dinner.

Monday:: Beef Sinigang & Rice

Tuesday :: Fried Rice made from Phat Matt’s BBQ Leftover brisket

Wednesday :: Eating out. My husband’s Music Production Company has an event that night, so I’ll probably be rushing back home to get ready & would grab a bite in San Francisco before the event.

Thursday :: Batch cooking stuffed pasta shells. Some will be made for dinner over Alfredo Sauce. The rest will be frozen for later use. Remember to defrost Crab Casserole in Fridge!!

Friday :: Crab Casserole – I cooked this a few weeks ago and placed half of the unbaked recipe in the freezer. It’s lent, so no meat today – perfect night to bake it up.

We’re experimenting on freezing sandwiches with the help of the pampered chef cut & seal. And we’re experimenting the bento box lunches for my daughter. I’ll be sure to post pictures as soon as I get them up.

Thanks for the views & comments & messages everyone. You’ve all been so supportive.


One Response to “Hybernate. Hello MPM”

  1. Rona Says:

    Your menu plan sounds delicious.

    I really enjoy MPM because I’m able to get loads of recipe ideas.

    Just another reason for loving blogging.

    Well, I’ve got to get back to some window shopping on QVC. They have a beautiful water fountain for indoors and outdoors.

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