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The 28 Day Challenge : Spare Room : REMOVE February 5, 2010

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The next step Laura @ OrgJunkie wrote is REMOVE

This process is pretty simple, but in my opinon is the most time consuming. The object of the game is to take out EVERYTHING. Sort all the stacks/boxes/clutter into bins :

  • Sell / Donate
  • Keep
  • Toss
  • Relocate

It’s best to work away from the room you’re working on, to keep focused. In my small small home with limited space, I’ve got no choice but to do the sorting & removing in the same room. Keep like with like, so it’s easy to put everything in it’s new home later into the project.

I’m fairly easily distracted, so it’s important for me to have a Relocate bin and save the relocating later on. If I go to the bathroom to put a bottle of shampoo away, I’d end up organizing the bathroom! Stay focused woman!! I’m a very visual person, if it calls my attention, I’ll most likely do it =) For those who aren’t as distracted as I am, the good for you!! 😉

For trash & junk, I’ll have alot of garbage bags ready. For laundry, I’ll have a laundry bin nearby. No sorting till later!

This is a pretty big project, so I’m going to break this one into chunks. Sorting & Removing as time and energy allows. A tip that I’ve used in the past is to have handy extra sticky postit’s to mark where you left off and what’s inside the boxes. In my case, it’s also critical to have my project notebook with me to jot down random things I’ll have to do, making sure I review them later.

I’ll be starting tonight and will be updating this post by posting pictures of the REMOVE stage as I go along. Have a fun time removing!!
Update: Feb 4 2010

I’m gonna start the removal process, but I’m gonna try my best to remove visual garbage first. Good examples : empty soda cans, old catalogs. . you get the idea. Have a garbage bin/bag ready and begin to purge! As soon as I’m done, I have to finish some housework, so I’m going to write my next attack on a post it to help me remember where I left off.

Posting pictures when I’m done =)


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