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Project : Pantry Complete!!! February 2, 2010

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I don’t know how Project Pantry even started… Outta frustration perhaps?? One thing I know for sure, I’m finally done!!! One Project I’m sooooo happy about!!

Project Pantry Day 1

Project Pantry Day 2

Today’s the last day of Project : Pantry. I didn’t do it all in 3 days, I took a few days off here and there, but I’m really really happy with the process & results! And best of all, I can share it with you =)

The Last few projects:

The Upper Cabinet :: This is where I keep our spices, mixes, misc baking ingredients & other little things. Here’s the before & after!!

Like my first couple of days organizing the panrtry, I used the same method :

  1. Remove everything & set them on the counter (or in my case, stove)
  2. Toss anything that’s expire & anything else I knew we would never eat.
  3. Group foods together by category : For this case, my main categories were Canned Goods
    My Daughter Kailani’s Snacks
    Adult Snacks
    Extra Dry Food
  4. Recontain if necessary, Reorganize & Label
  5. Take Inventory.

It works for me!!

I didn’t do sooo much purging on this cabinet, but I did a lot of re-containing and shuffling.

Here are more detailed pictures:

Next I did the Bottom Shelf. WHAT A RELIEF!! See for yourself :

My goodness…. My daughter LUHHHVESS to help cook rice, but everytime she does, rice spills all over the place. So I put it in a nifty Snapware Container I can set on the counter whenever she needs to help out. We’re cutting back on rice, so I stored the extra in another cabinet. That HUGGE Container was taking up alotta space anyway. I’ve got plentry of room for other liquids I’ve been meaning to stock up on (worsteshire sauce, BBQ sauce, etc etc)

And last but definitely not the least, The BAG cabinet!

We’re pretty short on storage space, but this space was really needed. Its original intention was for grocery bags, bigger ziplocks, lunch bags & reusable shopping totes. What I found was all that and a pile of light bulbs =) I moved the light bulb into another cabinet (will work on that project later on) It’s still not completely declutter – I knew I can purge more, but I was pressed for time & had to get it done quick. Here’s the B&A shot!

I think I can finally breath a little better now. I can cook & prepare food so much easier now, I know where everything goes and what I’ll eventually need. I also know where I can put it!

One more thing I gotta work on… TYPE OUT OUR SPICE LIST

Thanks for reading!! Till the next Project.

Camera : Canon T1i : No photo editing used other than picasa collage & text addons.

Containers: From Bed Bath & Beyond & Costco (Snapware) – Great for stacking!!


One Response to “Project : Pantry Complete!!!”

  1. Penny Saver Says:

    You’re doing great! I love the idea of putting the expiration date on the card. You’ll always know how long you have on items that expire!

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