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Menu Plan Monday [mPm] 01.31.10 February 1, 2010

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WOW! It’s February already? I can’t believe it!

Just a little background. I’m fairly new to cooking, so I try my best. I cook for a family of 3 (1 picky 6yo DD) I usually cook more to have left over lunch the next day.

I try to cook healthy, since we’re trying to loose weight. I’m slowly encorporating vegetables to our diet now. The Hubbs refuses to eat poultry, since he believe it triggers his long known foot/ankle/knee problems. I thought cooking healthy w/ pork & beef would be such a challenge, but with the help of my BFF Google, I was able to find recipes I can follow.

Planning out the weekly menu has been such a blessing. No more worrying on my drive home and most ingredients are already pre-prepped and defrosted the night before. I’m also able to print/pull out my recipes and have them organized and easily accessible for me when I’m ready to cook.
Here’s our Plan!!

Monday 02.01 :: Low Fat Beef Stroganoff

Tuesday 02.02 :: The EASIEST Pork Chop Casserole EVER

Wednesday 02.03 :: Ground Beef Sukiyaki

Thursday :: Pork Chop Veggie Medley

Friday :: Baked Pork Chop w/ Cream of Mushroom

Last week’s mPm went pretty well, with a few exceptions & ingredient substitutions. I can’t wait to give this week a go!


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