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Project : Pantry :: Day 2 January 28, 2010

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This week’s project has been all about our pantry. Click here to read the beginning.

We don’t have much space available to store food so it’s important for us to keep what we love, what we eat and what we can use.  After the first mini project [upper cabinets] I found 40% more space! I purged and organized what I kept. Moved food that should be kept in the upper cabinet pantry and called it a night. I don’t have before pictures (I wish I did) but here’s the after makeover shot

After completing that project, I moved on to my next mini project : The bottom pantry cabinet.

The bottom pantry cabinet was meant to store snacks accessible to my daughter, pasta & canned food. I found so much more here. More than I thought was possible. There was so much food that was ‘out of sight, out of mind’ that it all went to waste. I found food that expired in 2007. How sad!!!!

Here’s the before makeover pictures:

A deeper look into the mess :

I used the same methods I used before:

  1. Remove everything & set them on the counter (or in my case, stove)
  2. Toss anything that’s expire & anything else I knew we would never eat.
  3. Group foods together by category : For this case, my main categories were Canned Goods
    My Daughter Kailani’s Snacks
    Adult Snacks
    Extra Dry Food
  4. Recontain if necessary, Reorganize & Label
  5. Take Inventory.

I had to split this into two mini-mini projects : Snacks & Dry goods then the Canned Goods.

Here’s all the Dry Goods

After purging, here’s what’s left :

I the grouped all like foods and labeled the containers.

I repeated the same process with the canned goods

Before Purge

After Purge

This time, I wrote down all the expiration dates, took inventory THEN grouped & contained.

We have to have MRE’s. Just in case.

After all the sorting, purging & recontaining, I placed everything back into the lower cabinet. 50% space gained!!! Woohoo!!

Goodbye old, expired food. I know we were very fortunate to have you, but now I know better. No more wasting.


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