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project : pantry January 26, 2010

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I’ve hopped from project to project lately. [although that’s always been my problem – that’s why it’s so hard to stay focused!] I decided to on one project alone : and I chose my pantry.

It’s definitely not the worst I’ve ever seen, but my pantry was full of trash. Food that was just wasted, because we all forgot it was there. I wish I took before pictures. . noted for my next project.

Things I’ve tossed away

  • 30 bags of nissan ramen. Yes. 30 bags. that’s $10!!
  • 2 gallons of hot wing sauce
  • 3 boxes of ice cream cones I hid from the hubby
  • A bottle of partly opened oil. yucc
  • Food that expired from 2005-2009. Shows how long it’s been since I last purged!
  • Was that halloween candy from 2006?!?
  • Random Random Randomness.

Alright. I get it. Filthy.

What I’ve done so far

  • Purged the main pantry. Placed all kept items/foods in pretty little containers
  • Labeled all the containers w/ proper expiration date – I had to do a google search to see when things expire i.e. flour, sugar etc.
  • Wiped down the shelves clean. Wiped cabinets as I go.
  • Purged unused pots & pans. Relocated seldom used pots up on the top shelf.
  • Did a mini inventory of the pantry.

What’s left to do

  • Take pictures of my progress & post them up to share!
  • Purge. Group. Contain. Organize bottom pantry – mainly the snack cab.
  • Create Inventory. Take note of staples
  • Install Sliding Drawer purchased @ the container store on 01.23.10

There’s not much left, and I’m excited to finally finish ONE project! I was full steam ahead until I filled up our garbage. I had to stop purging. Nothing should stop me now.

Goal : post final pictures by 01/30/10


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