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twentyTEN January 2, 2010

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new year : new life

i’m usually opposed to setting new years resolutions. i set them, and they never happen – and that’s why i gave up. i’ll try to start this year on a positive note and hope that blogging my progress would help.

but before i go on with what i’ll ‘resolve’ i want to thank my blessings in 2009.

  • travelling : this is something i really wanted to do more and 2009 really did shine. feb:vegas april:nyc july:chicago sept:orlando  that’s more traveling in a year than i have in half my life!
  • sports & fitness : i’ve always just been really laid back. this year was different. snowboarded 3x. although i still can’t stand up on my board for more than 3 seconds, i give much props to my daughter who can join competitions on her first ride. joined ufcgym. i’ve never joined a gym before, but always wanted to. losing weight and being more physically fit has always been my goal, so the new gym’s really helping out. i tried zumba and yoga classes and i’m really liking it. not to mention, i lost ~10lbs since.
  • happiness : 2009 was very good to me. my husband and i finally tied the knot (after a last minute change in plans) and i met a few really good friends – good enough that i stopped mingling with folks that took me nowhere. my daughter’s now in the 1st grade and she’s doing very very well in school.
  • blogging : i know i haven’t posted much, but i’ve been more actively bloggin that ’08. i moved from blogger to wordpress since i found it easier to add/edit posts away from home.

what i hope for 2010

  • continue my journey to organization : i haven’t seen much improvement since i started this blog, but i remain hopeful. someday, i’ll be back to being super organized – just how when we first moved in.
  • get our finances back on track : i think that this year is about redemption. cut back spending. work on debt. increase savings.
  • capture the moment : i’m a proud owner of my canon t1i. i’m still a newbie – but i’m likin my shots. i want to take more photos. and i want to be able to show them off. i’ll need to do more researching and t&e.
  • freeze time : alright, i know this is ridiculous, but my daughter is growing so damn fast. i want to do more with her and create more memories. . if i can freeze time : i will. but i can’t. hopefully, with organizing, i’ll create more time to spend with her.

there’s so much more i want to do this year, but those are my big ones.

twentyTEN, please bless me again!!


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