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Organizing with my IPhone June 4, 2009

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I’m hooked to my IPhone. So much I’m afraid it’s taking me away from ‘real’ life. I know. Scary.

I’ve spent a LOT of money buying different apps to help me out with regular daily tasks and I’ve found a few that work really really well.

Here are my faves:

Spend – I use YNAB to organize my finances and budget. I’ve set up SPEND to mirror my YNAB ‘Flexible’ Budget Categories. It works great!

Mint & Rudder – I’m still torn between the two, but consistently check as I go. I like the capabilities of Mint (reporting) but I need the feature of Rudder. I like how you can time bills and have a future forcast of how much money you can play with. No exactly precise as YNAB, but I’m sold.

Zenbe – I love lists. But the problem is, I loose ALL.OF.THEM. I found zenbe to be a perfect solution. My IPhone is stuck to my body, and I’m sure I won’t loose it. I’ve made several lists of different things and they’re easily accessible! I’m currently using Zenbe to Organize our bedroom . When I sync it, you can see my progress here!! How cool is that?!? Oh. It also matches my blog theme =)

Grocery – I don’t think I can go to the grocery ever again without this app. I can enter all that I need (as I need it) and it organizes all the items according to aisle. I didn’t have to go in circles when I went grocery shopping! It cut down my errand time by 30 minutes. I can be really particular and use it as my pricebook, but I really don’t have the time for that. . . now. I don’t necessarily need to do the shopping. I can email Hubby my list and he can either check it on his phone or print it out and bring it with him!

I’m sure there’s more apps out there, but these are my major few. As I find more, I’ll share right here!


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