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My Morning Routine April 14, 2009

Filed under: Plan,Routine — mikailani @ 3:21 am

After how many times I’ve found myself rushing in the morning and all the trial and error, I’ve finally got a morning routine down.

I’m sure that in time as our family and life changes, my morning routine will do the same.

[5:40a] Wake up and say daily Blessing
[5:45 – 6:15] Get ready. (It usually takes me longer than that, but it’s good to have a time I want to beat.
[6:15 – 6:30] Wake up Kailani. Make bed while she gets ready for School. If time allows, tidy up in room.
[6:30 – 6:45] Get ready to leave. Lunch & Hair & Jacket ready.
[6:45 – 6:50] Let puppy do his duty & Take garbage out.
[6:50 – 8am] commute time ~ an hour.

I should print this out and post in the rooms I hustle around in the morning!!


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