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Spring Cleaning – Kitchen Edition April 13, 2009

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I’ve posted my Plan for Spring cleaning here. Here’s what I have planned for our Kitchen

:: Clean and organize the bar. – It’s dusty and it wouldn’t hurt if I cleaned the mirrors too.
:: Dining Area – I can’t remember when I last sanitized the floor. The chairs also need a good wipedown.
:: Food Prep Area – I need to sanitize and organize the counter I use to prep meals.
:: Pantry – Need to re-organize and toss out any expired foods. Also need to create an inventory and shopping list.
:: Storage – I haven’t seen our kitchen storage in a quick one, so I might as well do it now.
:: Under the sink – I also haven’t really re-organized or taken inventory of what we already have. I can possibly toss a lot of the things in there and make space for items I really use.
:: Fridge – It needs a good wiping down and a new systematic way of storying foor. Perhaps make an inventory of what’s in there?
:: Command Center – our Command Center is located in the Kitchen. Right now it’s fully of coupons and notes that I totally ignore. Needs a good clean up.
:: Meal Plan – Obviously, it’s part of our Kitchen’s life. I haven’t been planning any meals and I find myself stressing when I really don’t need to.
:: Top of the fridge – I’ve tried to organize this place a few times, and I need to do it again. It’s been the dumping grounds of homeless Kitchen Items.
:: Windows – Our window and sliding door needs a good clean up. I’m not sure if I can tackle this in the week, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.
:: Floors – It’s also been a while since we deep moped the floors. With our dog and daughter always on the floor, this should be regularly done but often taken for granted.

That’s 12 major tasks that I need to complete in my Spring Cleaning Challenge. I think I can do it as long as I pair up bigger and smaller tasks together.

Wish me luck!!


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