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Break the Habit : Throw it out! January 2, 2008

Filed under: Break the Habit,Car — mikailani @ 10:12 am

This Break the Habit will particularly be for my car.

Assesment: I always tend to leave garbage, coffee cups, soda cans, food wrappings etc in the car. YES. It’s NASTY. I hate it. I don’t know why that became a habit, but I think I got it from my parents. Their car is a MESS. I can’t afford to give up eating in the car because I use my commute time to catch quick bites (to keep energy & tummy consistent) I always told myself that I’m going to keep my car clean, but that never happens. I work way too much and most of the time I find myself running late I forget things in my car – most often my cellphone!

Plan: Take garbage with me (almost) everytime I leave the car. Everytime I gas up, empty the trash bag.

Start: January 02 2008
21 Day Breakoff: January 23 2008


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