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The Dreadful Shoe Closet November 28, 2007

Filed under: Organize — mikailani @ 12:29 pm

I finally crossed out a BIG problem space – the Shoe Closet. My Fiance and I share a shoe closet. For an average couple, it would be more than enough space. But for us – both infamous shoe addicts – It gets pretty Crazy. My solution: Store More Storage System. I was able to fit 30 pairs of shoes in a space where I was only able to store 12. These sturdy thing-a-ma-jigs are pretty darn amazing! I was able to store more into a space and effectively. The best thing is, if I pull out a couple of boxes, the whole concoction won’t budge! YES! I used to always dread pulling out a shoe box at the bottom of the pile because I knew that everything would follow. But now, I’m worry free! My next project would be to take pictures and label each box since I have the platinum colored boxes. Dark enough to hide sometimes dirty raggity shoes, but Clear enough to see what’s inside.


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