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I’m feeling a bit GOOGLY November 7, 2007

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I love google. I’ve heard several mixed opinons about this topic, but I can honestly say that google has saved my sanity – SEVERAL TIMES.

It all started with the Search Engine Page. Most of the information on the internet was at my fingertips. As a student, I was able to do research almost effortlessly. Now, in the real world – it does WONDERS.

My first personal encounter with google is using Gmail. I always thought the domain was pretty darn cool. I was never able to sign up for it since back then it was thru invite only. I finally got the chance to sign up when my fiance (then boyfriend) asked me to join. I did it in a heartbeat. I saw LESS spam in my inbox which in equation means less headaches. I was able to tag messages – as much categories as I wished. I was in awe. When I needed to look for a certain email, it was right there.

After signing up for Gmail – my whole enheartment of google then expanded.

I soon discovered Google Documents (www.docs.google.com) it’s just like having MS Office on the net. I created and uploaded most of my documents so I have access to them where ever I wished. That also meant that I didn’t need to bring my thumb drive everywhere I go (since I always lost it). I uploaded things such as my resume (all versions), basic letter templates, school projects, etc. I had the power to view them anywhere and edit. SWEET. It just kept getting better and better. They then added Google Spreadsheets (EXCEL). I live off excel. I use this for everything and anything from household work to planning vacations. I mainly used Spreadsheets for collecting information on the net like organizing tips and wedding ideas. This is just a good way to sort and organize (I think) Then, they recently added Google Presentations. Google’s version of Power Point. It was so freakishly easy to use (although you can’t do fancy work with it) it was good enough for me. I used the presentation to make slide shows of project I will be working on in my personal life. AWESOME.

The best thing about GDocs is that you’re able to share, publish and collaborate with other Google users. Majority of the time, I send out invites to my fiance for him to view spreadsheets / presentations I’m working on. He’d be able to have ‘real time’ feel of the progress and projects left to do. With authorization, he can edit documents from his view. Google did a good job keeping tabs of revisions, so just in case there’s something new – I know who did it, when. Publishing the document is pretty darn cool too – it gives you a link to send to people to view the document. I think this helped me out a bunch too. Also, you’re able to give presentations and chat at the same time with your audience.

I’ve heard rumors that google’s coming up with a new phone. Although I have my heart set on a PDA, I’m looking forward to what type of technology the Mountain View (Bay Area) Company can come up with. From what I heard, they will be collaborating with Sprint (my provider) with a new Google Server. YAY!

Oh Google. I heart thee Google. Thanks for saving my life.

Maybe within the next couple of posts, I can show how I actually use google. =)


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