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I’d like for you to meet my Finance (Fee-Nan-SAY) November 7, 2007

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Ah. Finances. Ah. HEADACHES.

My previous post expressed my problems with organizing my finances. The biggest thing is keeping track of my payments and due dates. It’s not the lack of money that stops me, but it’s mainly the unknown.

I always thought that what I don’t know won’t hurt me – but trust me, IT HURTS REAL BAD. I just hate how things can creep up behind you and pop up with a blast. That gets on my nerves. So instead of whining about all that BS, here’s where I started.

A couple of months back – I was all into organizing my finances, it was mainly because I had a new laptop. Now that I my FI uses it, I really didn’t have access to the program I use. I needed something I will be able to access whereever I am, so just in case I wanted to peep in things I needed to do / pay / bill, I’d be able to do this in an instant. This is when Google Spreadsheets came in. I made a spreadsheet of all due bills and created templates to be reused month by month. My initial design of course was severly modified, but it’s actually working great now. I’m able to document and see at a glance what needs to be done by when.

So far it’s working GREAT. I just gotta make a pact to use it always.


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