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Let the Chaos Begin! October 5, 2007

Filed under: Brother's Room,Organize — mikailani @ 1:27 pm

Yesterday, I finally decided to start SOMETHING – ANYWHERE was OKAY.

I took a couple of pictures of how bad my brother’s room was (which I will post once I get them uploaded.

I decided to get the superficial (visible) mess cleaned off to make the room somewhat liveable.

I started off by weeding out the desk and piling all the papers that have accumlated thru the months. I then organized his writting supplies to one little desk organizer and stored the rest appropriately. I *tried* to dust the computer table because I always get allergies when I use it. It’s okay for now.

I then boxed up all the books that we don’t use and placed them underneath the bed, and placed the ‘food’ where the books used to be.

I also organized his *prized* alcohol bottle collection. I placed all the clothes in one place to be sorted out later and put away.

I spent a good 3 hours tidying up the place, and I was very happy – until I got my allergies (from the dust) and started wheezing. This was the sign I needed a break. I vaccumed up all the dust and left the room to catch fresh air.

My next project for this room include

:: Sorting out all papers, and setting an effective filing system
:: Sort out clothes, and set an effective closet system
:: Build vertical storage
:: Set up a ‘cool entertainment system
:: Organize Shoes
:: Decorate


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