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The Journey to Organization. . the Road to a wannabe Cleanie

In the Beginning September 30, 2007

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I’ve decided to create a completely separate blog for my journey to organization.

Background about me:

I was raised by my parents who are probably the perfect example of packrats with an overly highly obsesive compulsive disorder (if that’s even a syndrome.) My dad has an ill problem about bringing anything and everything back home and pack in to their crowded room. My mother on the otherhand keeps on buying and shopping anything her bank account (or even credit cards) can afford.

I really never really knew what ‘clean’ was – and I was raised by the fact that being dirty is not okay, but accepted. I too have the shopping habit, but have changed.

I came to a point in my life where I don’t want to be anything like my parents, and that enough was enough. I got out of the house, bought my own home and am now striving to live differently.

With my current lifestyle, it’s impossible for me to have time to get to the knitty gritty, but hopefully with blogging, I can get a hold of my life. . and hopefully share with people my struggles and my up comming success.

I currently have 2 full time jobs (day job & overnight) a 4 year old daughter, have a fiance, and am in the process of planning for a wedding in 2009.

That’s my situation in a nutshell – and will blog more about everything!


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